Flood Recovery in Maryland

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs, We received notification Sunday that they need Flood Recovery teams in Maryland in response to the flooding that happened about 3 weeks ago.  If you can put together a team to go, please contact George Blevins at the address listed below and also copy Elizabeth eholmes@tnbaptist.org and myself wjones@tnbaptist.org. We do not have a Formstack link as of yet, but you should be able to find it on the dropdown… Continue reading

Report From Connecticut

Below is the first report from Team 7 now in Southbury, CT. Please keep them high on your prayer list. Connecticut Team 7 is Led by Jack Thrall and includes: Ray Vanyo and Amy Jones (this is their second trip to CT) along with Brock and Kathy Henry of Jefferson County. Hello From Conn., Good morning Tennessee friends, we are just getting ready to deploy out to a home where the lady has been trapped… Continue reading

DR: A Storied History and Bright Future

From Baptist & Reflector By Randy C. Davis TBMB President & Executive Director An EF5 tornado dropped from the skies five years ago and roared across Oklahoma’s open spaces at 200 mph. It locked on Moore, Okla., then slammed into the modest Oklahoma City suburb filled with middle-class, salt-of-the-earth people. It bulldozed an elementary school. It was over a mile wide and ripped a 17-mile path through the heart of that city. The devastation was… Continue reading

East Tenn. DR Team Goes Above and Beyond

From Baptist & Reflector SOUTHBURY, Conn. — Myron Havrilchak, a resident of Southbury, Conn., was among the thousands of homeowners who saw their houses and property substantially damaged by the tornadoes that recently swept through the area. And yet, when the members of the Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief team arrived at the Havrilchak residence on May 26, they quickly realized Havrilchak had something on his mind that meant more to him than brick and mortar…. Continue reading

Tennessee DR Teams Asked to Mobilize for New England

From Baptist & Reflector FRANKLIN — Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief teams are being asked to mobilize for relief work efforts in Connecticut after tornadoes swept through New England last week. The line of storms, which included two EF-1 tornadoes, caused severe damage to several towns in Southwest Connecticut. The storms destroyed roughly 200 homes and damaged about 800 more. New England DR teams are working quickly to mobilize, but are in need of assistance. Tennessee… Continue reading

Call-Out: Illinois Flood Recovery

Team Leaders and DOMs, We have received a call-out for Flood Recovery teams to go to Illinois. If you can put together a team and want to respond, please let me know as soon as possible before contacting Illinois. Here is a copy of what Dwain sent us today….. We need help in Illinois with flood response.  As I sat in the Incident Command center while teams returned from a beautiful day of work here… Continue reading

Hurricane Response Update & a Note From a Relief Worker

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs, Harvey – we continue to have teams in Texas doing Flood Recovery. They are looking for two small feeding teams for next week to cook for volunteers (4-6). If you have a feeding team interested, let me know ASAP. They continue to close sites and move manpower where they work is still needed. Rebuild teams are now being scheduled. Irma – We have a mixed group of team leaders in… Continue reading

Harvey, Irma, Maria & Nate

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs, Here are the most resent updates on what is going on in DR. Maria – Our team of 20 from East Tennessee left out yesterday and traveled to Atlanta for their flight out to Puerto Rico this morning. Last work I received was that they were all checked in, through security and on the flight waiting to take off. By the time of writing this, they should have arrived to… Continue reading

Update on Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Along With Las Vegas Shooting

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs, Thank you for your continued support to those who are hurting. Las Vegas – As of Monday’s conference call Nevada SBDR was in communication with the State Emergency Manager and offering assistance with Chaplains to help minister to those affected by the shooting. Please be in prayer for all those affected by the tragedy. Continue reading

New Updates for Texas, Florida, & Puerto Rico

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs, I want to thank all our volunteers and leadership that continue to serve those in need when called upon. You are a blessing to work with. Here is the latest update on what is happening through TN Disaster Relief. Harvey – Chainsaw jobs in Texas are wrapping up. We are not going to send any more chainsaw teams to Texas. We will continue to send Flood Recovery Teams as they… Continue reading