Tornado Updates

Team Leaders, DOMs, AMSs, and Secretaries, Yesterday’s storms, as you probably know by now, did damage in at least 5 states including TN.  There is quite a bit of damage in Union and Weakley Associations.  I know there was damage in Dixon, Nashville, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet.  If any of you are in these areas, have you been out assessing?  What does the damage look like, and do you see any needs?  If you know… Continue reading

Important Update – Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries, There are many things to update you on regarding Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana. Waverly: I cannot say, “Thank You” enough for all those teams, churches and individuals who have showed up to support the Flood Response in Waverly.  I want to especially thank Kathy and Brock Henry, and Bill Lowe who have overseen the operation.  Because of the work you have done in a relatively short time, we… Continue reading

Waverly Update & Ida Alert

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries, I want to thank all of you who have been working so hard to meet the needs of those affected by the flooding in Waverly.  You have been doing an incredible amount of work!  But there is still much to do. Hurricane Ida is set to hit Louisiana tomorrow and if it goes as they predict, it will be a major hurricane.  Now the question arises how does that affect… Continue reading


Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries, UNIT STATUS CHANGED TO STANDBY! The damage caused by yesterday’s rains in the Waverly, Dickson, McEwen, and surrounding areas is tremendous.  Last night they were reporting 10 dead and 20 still missing.  The waters rose extremely fast and were swift.  At least 3 of those who died were swept out of their parent’s arms.  I cannot even begin to imagine the heartbreak that would cause. Therefore, I am putting… Continue reading

Haiti Update

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries, Just a quick update on the situation in Haiti.  At this point I am taking units off of Alert and standing you down.  We are coordinating with Send Relief International to best meet the needs there on the ground without currently sending in teams.  We have personnel and connections there that we will be supporting as God provides opportunities and funds. Continue reading

Update on Memphis Vaccination Site Needs

We had a call last night to get more details and here is the information that I learned: Currently they are operating 6 vaccination sites around Memphis.  The main site where you will get assigned out of is the Liberty Bowl.  If I get the list of the 6 sites, I will let you know so that you can request the one that is closest to where you will be coming from. Work hours are… Continue reading

Volunteers Needed for Memphis Mass Vaccination Site

West TN Associations, Churches and DR Volunteers, We have received a request for 50 volunteers a day to help assist with administrative needs at the mass vaccination site at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis. Depending on the set-up, you could be asked to direct traffic (literally) for parking, direct people to lines, or take initial intake information on those coming to get the shots. Continue reading

Callout update

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries, I just want to bring everyone up to date on where we are at on responses. Overton, TN-Please pray for the 4 bucket truck teams that will be heading out tomorrow morning to do the high work that could not be done by others.  They have about 60 possible jobs for them.  Pray for safety, quick work and opportunities to lift up Jesus and make Him known.  Pray that they… Continue reading

Kentucky Callouts

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries, I am asking for Flood Recovery Teams that are willing to go to the Manchester-Oneida area of Kentucky early next week.  Depending on where we stay, we may also need a Feeding Unit (feeding volunteers), Shower and Laundry units and some assessment teams (with chaplains if at all possible). Continue reading