Wesley Jones, Disaster Relief Specialist
(615) 371-7927

Garry Maddox, Assistant Disaster Relief Specialist
(615) 379-7706

Elizabeth Holmes, Administrative Assistant
(615) 371-7926

Disaster Operations Center


Provide leadership and guidance to Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief Ministry (TBDR).


TBDR is a ministry of the Executive Board of the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board which has assigned responsibility and accountability for this ministry to the Shared Ministries Committee and selected Executive Board staff. The TBDR Leadership Council serves the ministry in an advisory and operational capacity, assisting staff in the development of specific aspects of the ministry.

Council Responsibilities:

  1. Develop objectives and priorities for TBDR ministry for recommendation to Shared Ministries Committee of the Executive Board.
  2. Implement a system for standardization, classification and recognition of units.
  3. Facilitate two-way communication between DR volunteers and TBDR leadership.
  4. Promote the ministry of TBDR to Cooperating TN Baptist Churches and encourage development of additional teams and units.
  5. Develop processes and procedures which contribute to the improvement of the ministry.

Council Membership:

I. Ministry Coordinators

  1. Mass Feeding – Joe Martin
  2. Recovery – Doyle Pittman
  3. Temporary Child Care – Cinthia Benefield
  4. Chaplaincy – Ron Powell
  5. Communications – Chuck Thacker
  6. Shower / Laundry –
  7. Administration/Planning – Donna Campbell
  8. Public Information – Danny Newman
  1. Work with Teams/Units to develop standards and best practices for use by all units.
  2. Constantly evaluate training materials, processes and presentations.
  3. Lead Round Table discussion groups related to ministry area.
  4. Provide information on ministry area and needs to leadership council.
  5. Work with Regional Representatives in development of credentialing process for Units within ministry area.
  6. Maintain knowledge of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief policies, procedures and developments for ministry areas.  Communicate information to related units.

II. Regional Representation

  1. Northeast – Jim Ramey
  2. East – Lou Mulsand
  3. Southeast –
  4. North Central – Doug Flatt
  5. South Central –
  6. Central – Carolyn Watson
  7. Northwest – John Cole
  8. Southwest – Butch Porch
  1. Develop and maintain relationships with DR Team leaders, Cluster DR Coordinators, and Directors of Missions.
  2. Develop and maintain relationships with Emergency Management Agency leadership in Counties in region.
  3. Facilitate feedback and evaluation of operations process for reporting to the full council.
  4. Work with various DR Ministry Coordinators in development of credentialing process for Units.

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