Donate Goods & Services

During a Disaster Response, please go the specific response page on this web site to see what goods and services have been requested and for all information regarding drop-off site.

The Desire to Give

It is a common response among God’s people to want to give something tangible to another person when they are hurting or in need, which are often both the case following a disaster. For the most part, the most efficient thing to do is to make a financial contribution through Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief. However, it is our nature to want to make that effort to give something tangible – something physical. It is our way of saying, “We love you and want to send our love to you.”

Therefore, when appropriate during a response, Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief will coordinate the collection and distribution of materials that can be used by disaster victims.

Donate Your Equipment and Services

In each disaster there is a need for specialized equipment or services that has not materialized in a previous disaster. Consistently, God uses the willingness of His people to share their equipment or services at the just the right time. Often, Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief has been used to match the needs with the resources in these cases. And of course, during large responses, there is often additional needs for tractor-trailers, CDL licensed drivers, heavy equipment, etc. Therefore, if you have some equipment or skill that you think could be used by Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief, we need to know about. Please e-mail or call the TN Disaster Operations Center and share this important information. Please be as specific as possible when e-mailing on what you have available. There is no guarantee that we will be able to use it.