Cost Information for Training

Cost Information for Disaster Relief:

Because of new directives from Homeland Security, FEMA and other national agencies related to the training and screening of volunteer disaster relief workers, we have a cost recovery plan that was implemented in January 2010.

The cost of a new 3 year (ID badge) credential is $36.00 (for newly trained volunteers or those that had credentials that expire in 2022). The new badge will expire in three years (2025) from the time of the training that is taken, effective January 1, 2022.

This fee will cover not only the cost of the ID and background check but also the cost of any of the basic training courses a volunteer wants to take (except for First Aid classes and other specialized classes such as ServSafe, etc.). There will also be a new hat and a special Disaster Relief members pin given to those involved.

For recordkeeping purposes:  When taking either Introduction to Disaster Relief or Recertification – Introduction to Disaster Relief, this class date needs to coincide with the credentialing fee and the background check.  At that time, a current badge will also be issued.


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