Overton – Stand Down — TX Alert Still On


Thank you to all those who were able to respond regarding the 2 requests we had from Overton County.  I am STANDING EVERYONE DOWN regarding these two request.  They believe they have everything covered.  If there are any changes, I will keep you informed.  I am very grateful for everyone who responded.

We will remain on ALERT for possible deployment to Texas.  I will let you know more as the situation develops.

In Christ Serving Together,

Chattanooga Update and Need

DOMs, AMS, Team Leaders and Secretaries,

The work continues in after the storms in the Chattanooga area.  I am so grateful for all the work so many people and teams have done.  Between Bradley and Hamilton counties, teams have completed nearly 600 jobs. That is a tremendous amount of work.  Thanks to everyone making that happen. Continue reading

DR Volunteers Serving in Bradley, Hamilton Counties

From Baptist & Reflector

Tracie Frazier, right center, and her daughter, Faith, of Parkway Baptist Church, Cleveland, minister to homeowners Danny and Ann Adcock who lost their home during the recent tornado which struck southeast Tennessee.
– Photo by Phil Taylor

CHATTANOOGA — Baptist disaster relief volunteers are beginning to provide help to those affected by EF-3 tornado and severe storms that struck southeast Tennessee and particularly Hamilton, Bradley and Marion counties.

According to local news reports, at least three people were killed and several others were injured and hospitalized. Several hundred homes were severely damaged in the two counties, according to reports.

DR volunteers were out in both Bradley and Hamilton counties on April 14 as people were just beginning to be able to reach the hardest hit areas, which included the Brainerd and East Ridge communities of Chattanooga and moved toward Ooltewah and Cleveland.

Dennis Culbreth, director of missions for Hamilton County Baptist Association, said chain saw teams were going into communities during the afternoon of April 14. “We have not been able to get into the area because of severe damage. Roads were closed,” he reported. Continue reading

Tenn. Baptist DR Teams Fan Out

From Baptist & Reflector

Marlin Curnutt, left, of FBC Morristown, talks with Sharon Wildner, the director of God’s Warehouse Coronavirus Plan, as they organize boxes for delivery from God’s Warehouse in Morristown.

FRANKLIN — Wes Jones is accustomed to dealing with the unpredictable. It’s his job.

He’s been involved with flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, power outages and all in between.

But even Jones, the Disaster Relief specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, admits that the current confluence of instability, uneasiness and confusion — created by the COVID-19 pandemic — has been a major challenge.

“It’s different than anything we’ve dealt with before,” said Jones. “It’s very unusual on a lot of fronts.” Continue reading

COVID-19: A Big Ask

AMS’, DOM’s, Team Leaders and Secretaries,

I am grateful for all the work you and your volunteers are doing in these crazy unknown days.

WHAT I AM GOING TO SHARE WITH YOU NOW IS THE BIGGEST “ASK” THAT I HAVE HAD TO MAKE IN MY 4 ½ YEARS OF SERVING TBDR.  THIS “ASK” CURRENTLY IS RELATED TO THOSE OF YOU IN THE NASHVILLE AND SURROUNDING ASSOCIATIONS.  Let this also serve to share with all teams of what may be coming down the pipeline in other areas as well and let it serve to draw us to prayer and ask ourselves the question, “Can I and will I serve if I am needed?” Continue reading

Disaster Relief Update as of 3/17/2020

Tennessee Baptist DR Volunteers,

My heart is saddened to tell you that, due to the Coronavirus, we are canceling all training events from now until the end of April. Please pray that God would stem this tide soon.

Even though we are canceling these trainings, God has opened a door of possible ministry for not only DR volunteers, but also our local churches. Last week the DR State Directors were on a conference call in which representatives of the CDC ask if we (both DR and the churches at large) would consider assisting in meeting needs arising from the coronavirus event. What this might mean has yet to be defined however, some of the possible scenarios we talked about were: delivering food staples to those who were in self quarantine and did not have family or friends to help, possibly cooking either on large scale or within church kitchens and delivering food, assisting with getting food to children who are home and are no longer getting meals usually provided at school, and setting up a phone line for people to call in and talk with someone to get prayer or encouragement. Continue reading

Tennessee Tornado Update

My apologies for not having sent out more updates concerning the tornado.

Unbelievable is one word that comes to mind with this tornado – not only in the death and destruction it caused, but also in the response and speed in which the clean-up has taken place. Within 6 days of the storm, most of the initial cleanup-work was completed in the Benton, Davidson, and Wilson County areas. Within another day or two, the initial phase of the work in Putnam County was accomplished. This does not mean that the everything is back to the way it was before. What it means is that most of the fallen trees have been cut up and the debris has been taken to the street. Electrical services have been restored to most of the homes that remain in the area. Now, the picking up of the piles of debris can begin in earnest. Continue reading