Dorian Update and More Places to Serve

DOMs, Team Leaders, and Secretaries,

Just wanted to give everyone and update on where things are at with different needs and things coming up in the future. There is a place for you to serve.


North Carolina:

  • They are looking for Flood Recovery teams that may also be able to do roof tarping.  While there will probably not be a lot of chainsaw work, it would be good for any teams that go to carry at least 1 with you in case you have to remove any when doing the other part of the work.  If you have a recovery team that would like to go there in the next couple of weeks, let me know as soon as possible so that I can get your group on their schedule.  Where they are working are Atlantic, NC, Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island.  Look at your map before deciding.  Unless the Cedar Island ferry gets up and running again, you will probably need to go on I-64 over to Chesapeake, VA and then down to Nags Head and down the Island chain.  Housing is in Hatteras at this time with groups working in Ocracoke going over by ferry until they can find suitable housing on the Island.  Contact Elizabeth and me if you have a team that can go and also your preferred dates and number of team members.

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Dorian – All Units Standing Down

I am officially STANDING ALL UNITS DOWN from response to Dorian.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as we have been dealing with Dorian taking its sweet time to decide what it would do. I thank you for your readiness to respond as needed as our status has changed so many times over the last 10 days. Our feeding unit and support vehicles had gone so far as to leave at 7:00 AM EST this morning to head to their assignment before getting a call on the road telling them to hold until a determination could be made as to damage and need. They are headed home now.

To those of you who took off time from work, I apologize that you were not able to fulfill what you had planned to do through serving those affected by disaster.

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Baptists Plan Response to Hurricane Dorian

Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief units asked to ‘stand by’ for now

Baptist Press

Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast Cone and Watches/Warnings and Initial Wind Field — Graphic from

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — Hurricane Dorian finally completed its pounding of the Bahamas on Sept. 3. After intensifying to a Category 5 before devastating the islands, Dorian weakened to a Category 3 as it continued its slow trek toward Florida. Early reports describe the damage as historic, and five deaths had been reported in the Bahamas.

Baptist Global Response (BGR) has purview over the Bahamas and will be assisting with disaster relief efforts once the storm passes and damage assessments have been completed. Jeff Palmer, executive director of BGR, said he is in contact with the Bahama Baptist Convention and the Caribbean Baptist Fellowship. Continue reading

Watching Dorian Closely


What a difference 24 hours can make.

Dorian has increased in strength to a Cat. 5 and become tied with the 2nd strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded. It is SLOWLY tearing through the Bahamas as I write. Please pray for these people as there are not many protected areas on these islands.

This afternoon the state leaders received an email from Florida asking for 5 Feeding units to come and pre-stage in Florida. After talking with Jim Ramey (Feeding Lead) he said his unit could roll Tuesday morning. When I called FL the already had 5 committed but asked up to prepare to come on Tuesday with a location to be determined.

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Disaster Response Needs

DOMs Team Leaders and secretaries,

Just want to give you an update on the needs that are out there for Disaster Response.

We are looking for more mud-out teams to go to Arkansas.  In talking to their State Director, the flooding is just getting to the Western side of the state.  He believes they will be doing Flood Recovery for the next 1 ½ months so that would take it to August +/-.  If you can put together a team to go, please contact us here at the office as with the dates you would like to take a team.  We have one team heading out this weekend and another the next week and one scheduled for July.  They could use more. Continue reading

DR Callout Update

DOMs, Team Leaders and Secretaries,

It is time to bring you up to date on what is going on with respect to the disasters around the country, thanks for your patience.

Ohio Tornado…They hope to be wrapping up this response by Friday of this week.  They are NOT asking for any teams to come and assist.

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Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma & Arkansas Update

DOMs, Team Leaders and Secretaries,

Just a quick update after the conference call today.

The tornado that hit the Dayton, OH area…they are still trying to get set up and moving into the area.  EM’s are not letting anyone in yet.  SBCV and KY will be setting up IC’s on opposite sides of Dayton.  I have let them know of our availability, but at this time we are on HOLD.  As they are able to get in and set up, hopefully we will get more word of if we will be needed. Continue reading

Tennessee DR and the Needs Ahead of Us

DOMs and DR Team Leaders,

My apologies for not have updated everyone on what was going on for a while.  As many of you know, it has been very busy in the DR world since Florence struck, followed closely by Michael.

TN units have continued to respond to both North Carolina and Florida along with some having responded to Georgia and South Carolina.  I cannot thank you all enough for the Help, Hope and Healing that you have brought to so many in these devastated areas.  You have been faithful witnesses and God has opened the heart of the people you have served, and we have seen at least 4 come to know Christ as their Savior. Continue reading

Florence & Michael Update

DOMs, Team Leaders and Secretaries,

First let me just say thank you to all of you who have been serving through Florence and now into Michael.  You have done a tremendous job and continue to do so.  May God bless you with the strength you need to continue going and serving.

The combined devastation of these two hurricanes, Florence and Michael, rival if not exceed, any storm to hit the United States –  maybe not in the total number of people directly affected, but by the sheer scope and amount of devastation.  We watched as Florence dumped inches upon inches of rain on North Carolina and it made its way into South Carolina leaving tremendous flooding in its path, taking weeks for some people to even get back into their home areas to see the damage.  Then along came Michael and we saw the utter devastation of the area from Mexico Beach to Panama City.  Continue reading