Mass Feeding Team and Flood Recovery Teams Needed; Also IMT Team Needed

Image: Florida 511

This week will wrap up operations in Wauchula, FL.  Great work has been accomplished by all the teams that served.

  • Flood recovery teams are needed the weeks of October 31 – November 12, 2022.  Please schedule your team with Wes Jones and Elizabeth by email – or
  • A Mass Feeding Team of 4 is needed for November 11-20, 2022 in Venice. You will be feeding approximately 100+ volunteers.
  • An Incident Management Team is needed from October 23- November 12, 2022 in Venice.

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Standby – Hurricane Ian

Source: NOAA

We are asking Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers to put the following types of units on ALERT for possible deployment to Florida if needed. Chaplains, Assessors, Chainsaw, Flood Recovery, Tarping, Incident Command, Mass Feeding, and Shower and Laundry Units. Pretty much every type of team. We are NOT responding yet. Look at your schedule, see if you can respond if called upon. Get your units checked and ready to respond. Begin praying NOW about the path of the storm, those in its path, those that will be responding and most of all God will be glorified and many will come to know him as Savior. Continue reading

God is Doing Great Things in Kentucky!

Amidst the Tragedy, Hope!

Volunteer teams from Tennessee and Ohio, have been be hard at work in the Carrie, KY area assisting homeowners that were affected by the torrential flooding that took place throughout at least 12 Counties that have been declared Federal Disaster Areas by FEMA.
SBDR Teams from multiple states are working alongside Kentucky DR to meet the needs.
Tennessee has in place and IC, Shower Laundry Units, Chaplains, Assessors, Feeding Team, Heavy Equipment, Debris Removal and Flood Recovery Teams.
The great thing is, that through our site, we have seen 7 people come to trust Christ as Savior so far.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts of those we come into contact with so that they will be encouraged and many more trust Christ as Savior.
One trusted Christ as the team from Ohio traveled down and stopped to get a bite to eat.  As the chaplain shared with the waitress, she trusted Christ as Savior.
Another volunteer went to get something out of his truck, when a person came up looking for some supplies. As they talked, the volunteer was used by God to lead that man to faith in Christ.
A number of people in the area who attended the church we are serving out of have said they are planning on coming back to church.
Praise God for what the Holy Spirit is doing through the Volunteers that are serving.

More Flood Recovery Teams Needed for Kentucky

We are in need of more Flood Recovery Teams to serve the people affected by the floods in Kentucky.

If you can gather a team and go support these folks, who have lost so much, please look at your schedule and then email and If you prefer to call, please call the DR Response Phone at (615) 969-0410 and they can give you the most accurate information.

Important Update – Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries,

There are many things to update you on regarding Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana.


I cannot say, “Thank You” enough for all those teams, churches and individuals who have showed up to support the Flood Response in Waverly.  I want to especially thank Kathy and Brock Henry, and Bill Lowe who have overseen the operation.  Because of the work you have done in a relatively short time, we are closing the “Response” part of the work.  You have cleared over 215 work orders and those that remain should be finished up by the weekend.  For those of you that were still planning on going to Waverly in the coming weeks, please, Stand Down.  If you took a team and did not fill out Formstack, please go into the App and do that. Continue reading

Waverly Update & Ida Alert

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries,

I want to thank all of you who have been working so hard to meet the needs of those affected by the flooding in Waverly.  You have been doing an incredible amount of work!  But there is still much to do.

Hurricane Ida is set to hit Louisiana tomorrow and if it goes as they predict, it will be a major hurricane.  Now the question arises how does that affect us? Continue reading

Callout update

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries,

I just want to bring everyone up to date on where we are at on responses.

  1. Overton, TN-Please pray for the 4 bucket truck teams that will be heading out tomorrow morning to do the high work that could not be done by others.  They have about 60 possible jobs for them.  Pray for safety, quick work and opportunities to lift up Jesus and make Him known.  Pray that they may also see some to come to know Christ as Savior.
  2. Oneida, KY-We are changing who is overseeing the work in KY.  I had gone up yesterday and made plans for our IC team, assessors and feeding team to go and set up in Oneida.  As of tonight, I have not had any teams commit to go and do Flood Recovery, so therefore I turned the operation over to NC to oversee the operation.  WE WILL SUPPORT THE OPERATION AS TEAMS VOLUNTEER.  IF YOU HAVE A FLOOD RECOVERY TEAM AVAILABLE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.  WE WILL SEND TEAMS TO SUPPORT THE WORK WHEREVER THERE IS A NEED. So, if you have a team that can go please let Elizabeth or I know what dates your team is available.  I do so much appreciate the willingness of the IC team, assessors and feeding team that was willing to go.

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Kentucky Callouts

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries,

I am asking for Flood Recovery Teams that are willing to go to the Manchester-Oneida area of Kentucky early next week.  Depending on where we stay, we may also need a Feeding Unit (feeding volunteers), Shower and Laundry units and some assessment teams (with chaplains if at all possible). Continue reading