Standby – Hurricane Ian

Source: NOAA

We are asking Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers to put the following types of units on ALERT for possible deployment to Florida if needed. Chaplains, Assessors, Chainsaw, Flood Recovery, Tarping, Incident Command, Mass Feeding, and Shower and Laundry Units. Pretty much every type of team. We are NOT responding yet. Look at your schedule, see if you can respond if called upon. Get your units checked and ready to respond. Begin praying NOW about the path of the storm, those in its path, those that will be responding and most of all God will be glorified and many will come to know him as Savior.

What we need from each team is:
  • Type of Units Available?
  • When are you available?
  • How long could you operate your unit?
  • Does your unit have any special needs to operate? If so, what?
  • Please try to take a chaplain with your team each time you deploy.
  • Be sure and use FormStack (roster and daily reports) each time you deploy.
  • Everyone needs to be currently credentialed on the first teams in.
  • Please do not self-deploy.
Pray for the following items:
  • Pray that God will wrap his arms around those affected to comfort them.
  • Pray that those who do not know Christ would come to know Him.
  • Pray for the right place to set up and run the recovery operations out of.
  • Pray for all those who will be responding that equipment will work correctly, everyone will be safe, and that many will come to know Christ.
Thank you for your continued service to Christ.
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