God is Doing Great Things in Kentucky!

Amidst the Tragedy, Hope!

Volunteer teams from Tennessee and Ohio, have been be hard at work in the Carrie, KY area assisting homeowners that were affected by the torrential flooding that took place throughout at least 12 Counties that have been declared Federal Disaster Areas by FEMA.
SBDR Teams from multiple states are working alongside Kentucky DR to meet the needs.
Tennessee has in place and IC, Shower Laundry Units, Chaplains, Assessors, Feeding Team, Heavy Equipment, Debris Removal and Flood Recovery Teams.
The great thing is, that through our site, we have seen 7 people come to trust Christ as Savior so far.  Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to work in the hearts of those we come into contact with so that they will be encouraged and many more trust Christ as Savior.
One trusted Christ as the team from Ohio traveled down and stopped to get a bite to eat.  As the chaplain shared with the waitress, she trusted Christ as Savior.
Another volunteer went to get something out of his truck, when a person came up looking for some supplies. As they talked, the volunteer was used by God to lead that man to faith in Christ.
A number of people in the area who attended the church we are serving out of have said they are planning on coming back to church.
Praise God for what the Holy Spirit is doing through the Volunteers that are serving.
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