Tornado Updates

Bethpage Baptist Church, in Gibson County.

Team Leaders, DOMs, AMSs, and Secretaries,

Yesterday’s storms, as you probably know by now, did damage in at least 5 states including TN.  There is quite a bit of damage in Union and Weakley Associations.  I know there was damage in Dixon, Nashville, Hendersonville, and Mt. Juliet.  If any of you are in these areas, have you been out assessing?  What does the damage look like, and do you see any needs?  If you know of other areas affected by the storms, please let me know.

If there is damage in your area you should:

  1. Contact all of your volunteers and let them know they may be called out.
  2. Go out and try to assess the damage and the need for assistance.
  3. Gather your team members and prepare to work.
  4. Get Homeowner Release forms filled out and them signed buy the homeowners before you begin any work on property.
  5. Follow the safety protocols as you work.
  6. Be careful as you work.
  7. Report any incidents that may happen.
  8. If the damage is too much for your local teams you can 1. You can contact other units in your area that can drive in and out to work and see if they can come help or 2. Contact us at the office and let us know what types of teams you need.
  9. Try and make sure you have a chaplain with you on your teams.
  10. Fill our FormStack reports on the work your teams do.

I am out of state and trying to get back later today.  Please send me any information of what you are seeing in your areas.

If you are a chainsaw unit, bucket truck or skid-steer unit. You are on alert.  We may also have need for smaller feeding teams, and shower units, so be thinking about the possibility of your units going if called.

In Christ Serving Together,


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