Important Update – Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries,

There are many things to update you on regarding Waverly, Johnson County, and Louisiana.


I cannot say, “Thank You” enough for all those teams, churches and individuals who have showed up to support the Flood Response in Waverly.  I want to especially thank Kathy and Brock Henry, and Bill Lowe who have overseen the operation.  Because of the work you have done in a relatively short time, we are closing the “Response” part of the work.  You have cleared over 215 work orders and those that remain should be finished up by the weekend.  For those of you that were still planning on going to Waverly in the coming weeks, please, Stand Down.  If you took a team and did not fill out Formstack, please go into the App and do that.

There will be more work to do in the future as the area creates a “Long Term Recovery Group” that works with homeowners to bring in those that can assist in putting the homes back in order.  As this gets set up, we will be looking for construction teams that can help put the sheetrock and other items back, so that the homeowners can move back in.  I will update you has I have more details.  Please be talking to your churches and team members who have these types of skills; sheetrock hanging, mudding, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and other building related skills to see if they would be interested in serving in the future.

Johnson County:

The team from East TN that has been working in Johnson County should finish up there this week also.  I want to thank them for the long days they have had driving back and forth and the work they have accomplished.  Thank you to Jack Thrall and the team that has been working with him.

Hurricane Ida:

The response in Louisiana will be long and difficult.  Let me start by telling you some of the requests for teams that we have as of yesterday.  Locations vary based on the needs on the field at the time.  All teams going will need to be filling out Formstack for their teams, especially the Roster and Daily Reports.

  1. Tarping Teams-There are a lot of homes with minor to major roof damage and they need tarping teams ASAP.  If you have a group that would be skilled at tarping, please let me know, a.  the type of team you are, b. when you can go, c. how many will be on your team and d. the contact’s name and number for your team leader.
  2. Chainsaw Teams-They need chainsaw crews.  If your team has access to a skid-steer or tractor that would be a great help.  Once again, when you have assembled a team, I need to know the type of team you have, the name and contact number for the team leader, dates you would like to go and come back, the approximate number of team members and any heavy equipment you are taking.
  3. Laundry Trailer-There is an immediate need for a laundry trailer to wash for a guard unit that is currently deployed.  If you can take you a shower trailer and man it, please let me know as soon as possible.  I will need to double check the need before you go to make sure another state has not responded.
  4. Assessor and Chaplain teams to do assessing in various areas.  The pair would go as a team and work together.
  5. Feeding Team-While we are currently not sending our feeding unit to LA, we are putting together teams to go in and work on other units to relieve those states that are cooking while using their equipment.  If you are mass feeding trained and would like to be put together on a team, please contact Jim Ramey at 423-579-2435.  Jim is coordinating the team(s).
  6. Flood Recovery Teams-Now that we are wrapping up in Waverly, there is need for Flood Recovery teams in LA.  If you have a Flood Recovery Team, please send me that same information as listed under the chainsaw need.
  7. Bucket Truck teams- Same as for the chainsaw crews.

At this point, we will not be running a site but will be filling gaps where needed.  If you have questions, contact me.

Please remember that COVID is still on the move.  If you are sick or have been exposed, please delay going until you are clear.  Thanks.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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