Haiti Update

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries,

Just a quick update on the situation in Haiti.  At this point I am taking units off of Alert and standing you down.  We are coordinating with Send Relief International to best meet the needs there on the ground without currently sending in teams.  We have personnel and connections there that we will be supporting as God provides opportunities and funds.

Because of the very unsafe environment in the country, it is recommended that we do not go in at this time.  Working with those partners on the ground we will do our best to resource the need there with what they can secure locally.  Those of you who responded to the 2010 earthquake may remember the danger at that time, field reports say it is far worse than it was then, it regards to security.  Safety issues go beyond the PoP area and are throughout the country.  We hope as the country begins to recover and they get a new president, conditions will settle down.  We look forward to opportunities to help on the rebuild side of things in the future.

Continue to pray for the people of Haiti and also for those in Afghanistan as they deal with the realities on the ground.  Pray for the many believers who live there that God would use this tragedy to bring more to faith and trust in Him.  Pray for their faith to remain strong.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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