Updates for Overton Cty., TX, OK, & KY

Unit Directors, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries,

I just want to bring you up and alert you to a need we have.

  1. Texas and Oklahoma:  It looks like both states will be able to take care of the needs in their states.  So, unless anything changes, we will stand down from this response.
  2. Ice Storm in Overton County:  We have been requested to send some bucket truck teams to get high hangers.  They are looking for these crews at the beginning of next week.  If you have a team interested in responding, please contact me.
  3. KY Flooding-I talked to the state director yesterday and he things they may need help in Eastern Kentucky when the water goes down.  Currently I am asking Flood Recovery units to be on ALERT.  I will let you know if we are requested.

Thanks for all you do.  Blessings.

In Christ Serving Together,

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