Update on Memphis Vaccination Site Needs

We had a call last night to get more details and here is the information that I learned:

Currently they are operating 6 vaccination sites around Memphis.  The main site where you will get assigned out of is the Liberty Bowl.  If I get the list of the 6 sites, I will let you know so that you can request the one that is closest to where you will be coming from.

Work hours are from 8am-6PM Monday through Saturday (Most Sites)  A few sites are Tuesday through Saturday. This operation may go on for quite some time so you can continue to volunteer as your time permits.

Positions that they are needing help in currently are:

  • Data Entry (Putting client information into the data base)
  • Filing (Filing paperwork after it has been entered)
    For Data Entry and Filing, you must be a credentialed Volunteer because they want people who have passed a background check because of the personal nature of the information you are handling.
  • Traffic Control (Keeping cars flowing through the drive-up vaccination site)

Currently you can contact:

DeShun Lowery  202-412-6132,  deshun.lowery@fema.dhs.gov
Angela Grant 202-705-9750, angela.grant@fema.dhs.gov

Let them know that you are coming through VOAD and Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief.  Let them know how many there are of you, what days you can work and what of the types of work above you are willing to assist with.    If you are going as a group, have one person call and register everyone, rather than each person separately.  I am supposed to be getting his email but have not received it yet.

Take your DR credentials with you.  Make sure that you dress for the weather in case you are stationed outside.  Continue to observe all COVID 19 protocols so that you keep yourself and others safe.

Let me know if you have any problems or further questions.

For the DOMs who are not in West TN, this will let you know of a need that may come up in the future in other metro areas of TN if they continue to open up mass vaccination locations.

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