Callout Update and Additional Information

Team Leaders, DOMs, AMSs, Secretaries,

I wanted to update you on the callout situation and many other items.

  1. 2021 Winter Storm-I talked to all three affected State Directors yesterday.  None are ready to receive teams at this point.  What they are finding is that:  1. It is scattered all over the state of TX and OK and they are not clustered close together and 2. Because it involves pipes freezing and NOT a flood, most people have homeowner’s insurance to cover the repairs.  Texas Baptist Men said they have only 50 requests across the state.  Oklahoma is trying to get a handle on the needs in that state and may call us for assistance when they are able to understand the scope of the work needed.  We were able to send a reefer trailer down to TX to assist with the Salvation Army.  I will keep you posted as I hear of more needs.
  2. We are finally being able to start doing TRAININGS again and are excited about that.  Please help us get the word out to your volunteers, churches and others about the regionals that will be coming up in all three of the grand divisions of TN.  You can find that and other trainings on the website here.
  3. Unit Director (Blue Hat) Video Update Before too long, Elizabeth will be sending you a link to ALL Unit Directors (Blue Hats) that will give you a link to a video update to help renew your Unit Director (Blue Hat) status.  I need ALL UNIT DIRECTORS (BLUE HATS) to take this over the next couple of months.   It will take about 30 minutes and you will answer some questions at the end that you can answer and email back to Elizabeth and me.
  4. Cleaning Supplies-I still have the following items available for churches and ministries here at the MMC.  Please help me get the word out to the churches who can use these products.  They can contact us here at the MMC to pick them up.
    a. Bulk Hand Sanitizer
    b. Cleaning Kits
    c. Sanitizing Solution for cleaning
    d. Sanitizing Solution for fogging
    e. Sanitizer Dispensers
    f. A very few foggers
  5. Ministry/Service Opportunities
     a. Nashville Rebuild after the tornadoes of last March.  We have a request from a local organization for individuals or teams to come and help do repair work on homes that were affected by the tornado.  Teams or individuals can come for a day, weekend or week and work on homes.  If you know of a team that would be interested in this opportunity, please email Wes at and I will put you in touch with the coordinator of the project.
    b. Looking for a team to frame up and pour a driveway at Mary’s House (the WMU Missionary House here at the MMC). The driveway would consist of cementing in the culvert and driveway.  Total length of about 125 ft.  If you have a team with expertise and willingness to do this, please contact Wes at the MMC.

In Christ Serving Together,

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