DR Storm Updates

Team Leaders, DOMs AMSs and Secretaries

I want to bring up to date on some of the needs that are in the DR world.


Louisiana is still assessing, and the Grand Isle area looks like it took the brunt of the storm and storm surge.  They may need Chainsaw and Tarping teams.  They do not know about Flood Recovery teams yet.

Alabama and Mississippi believe they can handle things within their respective states.

Georgia got hit hard from what I have heard but the director was not able to be on the call today.  I will update you if I hear of any needs in that state.

South Carolina is OK.  North Carolina says they can handle it and we did not hear out of Virginia.

I will let you know if we get actual requests from any of the affected states.

Ice Storm – Oklahoma:

They are in need of Chainsaw teams to work the damage from the Ice Storm.  If your team would like to go and assist in this, they believe they will be working through Thanksgiving.  Let me know if you would like to get a team to go.  They also have asked for bucket truck teams.

Colorado Fires:

Colorado is in need of ash-out teams to begin the cleanup process after the fires.  They have at least 3 counties that have specifically asked for SBDR teams to come and assist in the work.  I know some of you went a few years back and helped out.  If you want to get together an Ash-Out team and go, please let me know ASAP.  They have some heavy equipment that may be available. I can also help with gas receipts for vehicles pulling your equipment.

Welcome to our crazy world.  Thank you for all you do.

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