Alert – Hurricane Zeta

Team Leaders, DOMs, AMSs and Secretaries,

Just when you thought there could not be another hurricane, along comes ZETA!

As you may be aware, Hurricane Zeta is scheduled to hit the coast of Louisiana today.  Our bucket truck team that was working in Alabama was sent home after work yesterday.  The storm that was supposed to hit land as a Tropical Storm and then a Category 1 is now supposed to be a Category 2 when it hits land just to the west of New Orleans.  Please pray for the folks in Louisiana, especially as this is 3 out of 4 storms in a row that have pummeled the same areas.  They no sooner pick up from one storm when another one comes in.  I know they are getting tired mentally, emotionally, and physically.

I am putting all units on standby for possible response. Please check your equipment, pass this information on to the volunteers on your team.  Chances are there will be need for chainsaw and flood recovery teams as well as others.  I will let you know more as I get more information.

Two days ago, I received a call from Gibbie McMullen, the DR Director for Louisiana.  They had found a pocket of jobs (145) that had fallen through the cracks left from one of the other storms.  I had two teams that I had stood down last week and have asked then to consider going and helping to work these jobs.  They are looking at going the first full week in November.  If they request more teams for this area, I will let you know.

If we are asked to respond to Zeta, it will be TBDR’s 250th recorded response since starting in 1978.  I praise God for the work each of you and your team members have done, not just in serving those who have been affected by disaster, but by sharing Christ as you have served.  Thank you! I know Zeta is not the last letter of the Greek alphabet, but it starts with the last letter of the English alphabet and I pray that this is the last storm of this crazy year called 2020.  If not, I know you will be ready to serve and to share to the best of your abilities.

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