Watching Dorian Closely


What a difference 24 hours can make.

Dorian has increased in strength to a Cat. 5 and become tied with the 2nd strongest Atlantic hurricane recorded. It is SLOWLY tearing through the Bahamas as I write. Please pray for these people as there are not many protected areas on these islands.

This afternoon the state leaders received an email from Florida asking for 5 Feeding units to come and pre-stage in Florida. After talking with Jim Ramey (Feeding Lead) he said his unit could roll Tuesday morning. When I called FL the already had 5 committed but asked up to prepare to come on Tuesday with a location to be determined.

Therefore, I have asked the Feeding Unit, and IC team and one recovery unit to be ready to go on Tuesday morning. We are still in need of a Laundry/Shower Unit to go along with them. If you are a Laundry/Shower Unit and can go on Tuesday morning, please contact me ASAP. I will also be starting to calendar teams to follow this initial surge.

Here is what I need next as we begin to plan out the future of the response…

1. If you are a Feeding Volunteer and would like to be involved continued response, please email Elizabeth at and me (Wes) at Let us know the dates you are available and your contact information. We will get that to the team leaders who will be planning the next feeding crews as they respond.
2. If you are a recovery unit and are available to respond, please contact Elizabeth and I at the above emails and let us know what dates your team would be available and they type of unit you are or if you are flexible, I would hope to be sending additional recovery units next weekend if not earlier.

Please realize that no one knows what this storm will do (only God). All these plans and locations could change and any moment. Please continue to pray and prepare for whatever lies ahead.

-Wes Jones


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