Dorian Update and More Places to Serve

DOMs, Team Leaders, and Secretaries,

Just wanted to give everyone and update on where things are at with different needs and things coming up in the future. There is a place for you to serve.


North Carolina:

  • They are looking for Flood Recovery teams that may also be able to do roof tarping.  While there will probably not be a lot of chainsaw work, it would be good for any teams that go to carry at least 1 with you in case you have to remove any when doing the other part of the work.  If you have a recovery team that would like to go there in the next couple of weeks, let me know as soon as possible so that I can get your group on their schedule.  Where they are working are Atlantic, NC, Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island.  Look at your map before deciding.  Unless the Cedar Island ferry gets up and running again, you will probably need to go on I-64 over to Chesapeake, VA and then down to Nags Head and down the Island chain.  Housing is in Hatteras at this time with groups working in Ocracoke going over by ferry until they can find suitable housing on the Island.  Contact Elizabeth and me if you have a team that can go and also your preferred dates and number of team members.


  • Assessment teams are on the ground over the next few days to map out a long-term strategy for assisting those on the island.
  • As the plan is formed and implemented, I will let you know details.
  • Teams may involve a lot of rebuilding type of projects.  If this turns out true, teams will be enlisted to go and work for a week or two at a time.  BGR is taking the lead in this and so it looks like DF volunteers and church groups that want to go over and serve in this capacity will be responsible for transportation to and from the islands and a per diem charge for food and shelter on the island.  Who will pay for the cost of the materials for the actual rebuilding has yet to be determined.  At this time, TNDR has not received many funds for this response and so may not be able to assist as it has for some of the other projects.  Begin to think in the long-term about how you, your team or your churches might become involved.  I will let you know more information as I have it.

Illinois, Granite City:

  • There is still an opportunity for teams to respond to the flood clean-up.  They expect to be doing Flood Recovery for the next few weeks.  If you have a team, contact Elizabeth and me about your availability.  For some of you it is close enough to go up and work a long weekend to involve more of your working volunteers.

TN Spring Floods – Knoxville:

  • If you have a team that could come for a day or on a Saturday to Knoxville to assist with reconstruction and other types of projects left over from our spring flooding, there are several projects that could use your help.  The teams from around Knoxville have been working continuously and would appreciate help in wrapping these projects up.  If you can help, contact Lou Mulsand at 865-771-0638 or email him at


  • There are still opportunities for teams or churches to send groups to the island of Dominica to continue to help work on different rebuilding projects there on the island.  To find out about the type of projects that still need attention or learn more about the opportunities to serve, contact Rob Caldwell at

The Summit – Knoxville, TN Nov. 17-20:

  • The gathering of Tennessee Baptist Churches known as the Summit will take place at First Baptist Church-Concord on the West End of Knoxville Sunday Nov. 17-Wednesday Nov. 20.  Tennessee Disaster Relief has reserved a booth space and is looking for a couple of DR volunteers to serve in the booth area during these meeting.  Volunteers will represent DR to those who come by the booth.  You need to be able to explain what DR is about and, how individuals and churches can become engaged is serving and share other information as appropriate with those attending.  We hope to have Asha Laronde, pastor from LaPlaine Baptist Church in Dominica with us to make connections with those who have served with him on the island and those interested in serving.  We will need two persons (can be a couple) to serve.  Volunteers need to be someone who are planning on attending or that can drive in from around the area to serve.  If interested, contact me (Wes) by email and let me know of your availability.

I think that is all for the moment.  I appreciate you as leaders and all our volunteers who serve so faithfully.  If you have any questions or need more information, please let me know.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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