Dorian – All Units Standing Down

I am officially STANDING ALL UNITS DOWN from response to Dorian.

I want to thank everyone for their patience as we have been dealing with Dorian taking its sweet time to decide what it would do. I thank you for your readiness to respond as needed as our status has changed so many times over the last 10 days. Our feeding unit and support vehicles had gone so far as to leave at 7:00 AM EST this morning to head to their assignment before getting a call on the road telling them to hold until a determination could be made as to damage and need. They are headed home now.

To those of you who took off time from work, I apologize that you were not able to fulfill what you had planned to do through serving those affected by disaster.

On the other side of things, I am grateful to God that the East Coast, from Florida up to Virginia was not hit like they expected. The folks in that part of the states have been dealing with hurricanes and floods for many years now and just did not need another one. God is good, who by his grace, power and control kept the storm offshore. Many of us were praying for this. I am grateful for His answered prayer.

However, we must not forget the residents of the Bahamas. Let us continue to pray for them. Baptist Global Response (BGR) is on the ground with Sam Porter (SBDR National Director) currently assessing the needs and looking for ways we as SBDR and churches might come alongside the Bahamian people to help them start recovering and rebuilding. I will let you know more information as I get it.

Illinois is still looking for flood recovery teams to come and assist them in the recovery in Granite City, IL. If you have a recovery team wanting to go, please let Elizabeth and I know.

In Christ Serving Together,


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