TN Flooding Update and Beyond March 28

The work to clean up after February’s flooding around TN continues to progress.  Here are some of the work hours that have been put in as of yesterday.

Affected CountyVolunteer HoursEquipment Hours
Hamblen County 712Pump 276
Cheatham County308147.28
Hardin County2824172.5
Rhea Co-Spring City27760
Hamilton County11929
Decatur County24
Knox County1351604
Totals as of 3/27/195615 Hrs.1288.78 Hrs.

I am so grateful for the work of our TBDR volunteers and those who have worked alongside of them and those who have come in from other states to assist.

There are still two main areas that need more work…

Knox County can still use some short-term help.  We thought we were about done and closed-down the IC and Glenwood and moved it back to the Knox County Associational office.  However, when they went back through the master list and the ones on Crisis Clean-up; they have encountered a number that can still use our assistance.  If you have a team in the area that can assist Knox County for a day or a couple of days at a time to get this wrapped up, please contact Lou Mulsand at .

Savannah Area response is being done our local DR teams in some parts and a group I asked to come in from Texas Baptist Men are running our operation out of Adamsville working down around the Pickwick Dam area up to Savannah.  Our teams, along with those from Texas, Kentucky and Mississippi are working together in this area.  If you have a team that would like to assist with this area, please let me know ASAP.  It will probably be operation for the next 3 weeks. These homes are taking quite a bit of time as they are up on stilts and you must take everything downstairs.  Groups that have access to skid steers or tractors with buckets are needed.  If you have someone in your teams that has a skid steer or tractor with bucket that would like to go assist with these homes (even if you do not take a full team) let me know and I will put you in contact with the IC in Adamsville.  We want to get these jobs wrapped up as soon as possible.

Midwest Flooding….

Flood Recovery teams and chaplains will be needed in the coming weeks and for some time in the future.  The water is SLOWLY receding however, there is still a large amount of snow pack in the Dakotas that still must come down from the North.  Many of you know, this is the area I came from before moving to TN.  I was the DOM for the western 1/3 of Iowa and my wife was born and raised in NE Nebraska, so I have a real heart for the people in this area.

If you can put together a team to go in the next few weeks or month or two, please let me know and I will put it in the pipeline to get you a location to go to.  Please understand though, they still cannot get into some areas because of the water.

SBDR has set up one unified Command and are looking at setting up about 5 site commands.

If you go to the Midwest to serve, please realize that most Midwesterners so not sit around and wait for help, they go.  When you get there, please look at plugging in local volunteers with your teams as much as you can.  Midwesterners take pride in their local communities and want to do what they can to assist in the time of need.  This makes for a great opportunity for ministry as they see you being involved with them and caring for their community.

I pray that we quickly meet the needs of our TN brothers and sisters and are then able to go assist our brothers and sisters in the Midwest.  Continue to lift them up in prayer in the meantime and pray for those working so hard here in TN to meet the needs here.

Thank you for all that you do to serve God by serving others.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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