Call-Out: Illinois Flood Recovery

Team Leaders and DOMs,

Photo: Illinois Department of Public Health

We have received a call-out for Flood Recovery teams to go to Illinois. If you can put together a team and want to respond, please let me know as soon as possible before contacting Illinois.

Here is a copy of what Dwain sent us today…..

We need help in Illinois with flood response.  As I sat in the Incident Command center while teams returned from a beautiful day of work here in Iroquois County, I was thankful that the weather had warmed up enough for our foggers to work. IC leadership informed me that they received another new 70 jobs from the county. This brings our total number of requests to 256. We have completed 57 homes so far which leaves us at 199 homes waiting to be cleared.

It is early in the season and we are in need of help. If you have Flood Recovery teams, this is our main need. If you are able to send teams please contact me, or the Off-Site Coordinator. Karissa is coordinating the numbers of teams over the next weeks. We are hopeful that we can finish up in three to four weeks if we can get the hands to help.

Incident Command and Housing
Cornerstone Ministries
200 Half St
Woodland, IL 60974
IC Phone: (217) 622-5101

Offsite Coordinator – Will send you the FormStack for this callout.
Carissa Howell
(618) 687-4126

IC White Cap
Jim Weickersheimmer
State Disaster Relief Director

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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