Update on Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria Along With Las Vegas Shooting

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs,

Thank you for your continued support to those who are hurting.

Las Vegas – As of Monday’s conference call Nevada SBDR was in communication with the State Emergency Manager and offering assistance with Chaplains to help minister to those affected by the shooting. Please be in prayer for all those affected by the tragedy.

Harvey – We continue to send teams to assist in Texas. This week we have a couple of teams working there doing Flood Recovery, Feeding and Chaplaincy. The work in the Katy area is scheduled to shut down after this week. Our team that are going will transition to the Orange, TX area in the Beaumont area. We have two teams scheduled to go next week.

Irma – We thought we were done in Florida until I received a call from NAMB this week asking for assistance with their work in Immokalee, FL near Fort Myers. We are sending a group of Crew Chiefs, cooks and chaplains next week to assist with volunteers.

Maria – Our first team of 20 volunteers will leave out next Monday, October 9th and will return on October 22nd. Once they get on the ground we will have a better understanding of some of the needs and possibilities. In our discussions on Monday, what they are think about is to divide up the island into sections and have different state focus on helping a certain area. This is only in the thinking stage. The big problem is that even if you get there, the logistics are not in place to house and maintain a team. Pray as the leadership works on getting through this maze.

In-State – We continue to do a large number of trainings around the state. It is great to see more people getting involved and wanting to serve. Pray for our instructors and those getting trained. Pray that those taking training will not only plug in when the big disasters happen but, will plug in locally serving their local church, association and community as opportunities arise.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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