Harvey, Irma & Maria Update

What a difference a few days can make. Life changes fast in the DR world and that is why we ask you to be fluid.

Harvey — We will be closing down our operation in Sugar Land, TX tomorrow. Our units will be heading back to TN. WE STILL NEED CHAINSAW AND FLOOD RECOVERY UNITS willing to go to TX and serve. There is still a lot of work to do and will be for some time. It is estimated that some 300,000 homes were affected by the storm. They are still discovering many smaller communities that have not received much help yet. IF YOU HAVE A TEAM(s) AND WANT TO SCHEDULE IT TO GO, LET ME KNOW YOU DATES OF AVAILABILITY AND WE WILL SCHEDULE THEM THROUGH THE TEXAS DOC. We will continue to help our Texas brothers for as long as we are able. They are always one of the first ones to come help other states.

Irma — Floridians are getting back on their feet quickly in the area of food. Feeding units are already starting to close and return home. Recovery units are working in various parts of FL but they are still not asking for more units.

Maria — Puerto Rico suffered a lot of devastation from the Hurricane. The entire island is without electricity and they are saying it may be 4-6 months before it is restored to the whole island. FEMA is asking SBDR to send our Feeding units to the island to be able to do a total of 200,000 meals a day for the next 45-60 days. One of our units is considering the possibility of going. If it goes, we will need to man it for the next 45-60 days. Those who go to serve on the feeding unit will be asked to stay for 2 weeks at a time. Please pray about this. THIS IS NOT A CARRIBBEAN VACATION!! I will continue to give you more information as it becomes available to me. This has a lot of moving parts that must fall in place.

SBDR has NEVER had to work 3 major disaster at one time. I am so grateful for our faithful volunteers who are giving so sacrificially of their time, energy and talents. Pray for each of them. Pray for our DR Team leaders, that God would give each of them the heart of a teacher as more people come to serve who have never done so before.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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