Harvey & Irma 9/17 Updates

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs,

Harvey – Our teams continue to transition in and out of Texas. Our feeding unit, Flood Recovery, Chaplains, Chainsaw, Incident Command, Shower and Laundry continue to serve in the Sugar Land and other areas around Texas. We have many Flood Recovery teams in the area this week. Please pray for their safety, quick efficient work and many opportunities to share about Christ. After this week, we will be assessing the work in the area and making some adjustments going forward. Please watch for the latest updates.

Irma – The work in Florida is getting up and going. We have our first team heading out on Tuesday morning. It is a Flood Recovery team. Pray for their safety and opportunities to share Christ. We also have an immediate need for a feeding team of 5 Credentialed Mass Feeding volunteers to go to Florida also on Tuesday. This group of 5 will be assisting the Louisiana Feeding team in the Fort Myers area. If you can help provide for this need, let me know ASAP.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support through the sending of your volunteers to serve.

In Christ Serving Together,

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