DR Teams Head for Texas

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs,

Photo: U.S. Army National Guard

Yesterday, the feeding unit and shower unit left for TX. It was an eventful start to say the least. One vehicle was involved in and accident en route. We are grateful no one was hurt, it did put a van out of commission. Thankfully they were able to make it to the MMC and were able to use the TBMB DR van to replace the damaged one. Later that afternoon the shower trailer experienced a blowout. Once again God was watching and no one was hurt. I said that God must have some great things planned for them because the devil is working so hard against them. They made it to Little Rock last night and took off for TX this morning.

Now day two…I received a call from Don Owen who had finally gotten ahold of the pastor at the church where we were supposed to operate out of. He had no idea we were coming!!!! After some frantic calls for guidance as to where to send the feeding unit that was rolling down the road, we were given a new and yet not new assignment. The units will be going to Sugarland Baptist Church, 16755 Southwest Freeway, Sugarland, TX 77479, where we were originally slated to go.

When talking to Terry Henderson (State Director for TBM), he was saying they are going to create a volunteer village in this same area that will be willing to host church groups in the not too distant future. This is a possibility for churches that want to get connected and participate in assisting those around Houston get back on their feet.

When I teach Intro to DR, I talk about the need to be fluid. Our great volunteers have had to demonstrate that over and over again, and they are not even on the field yet. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray for the IC, Assessors, Laundry, Chaplain, Flood Recovery teams that will be leaving tomorrow. Pray for safety, quick organization and strength for the work.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

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