Hurricane Matthew Response Update



There is a reason why we try and teach fluidity in the Introduction to Disaster Relief class and this week has been an example of that!

At this writing, Hurricane Matthew is still pouring rain on the states of South and North Carolina. It was slower in arriving in Florida and moving up the coast than originally thought. Then when it hit, it stayed offshore as it moved up the coast. As a result, they are discovering that the damage in Florida was not as great as thought. Originally they had asked 9 kitchen units to prepare to respond and TN was one of these kitchens. After almost a week of planning and preparation, we received word late yesterday that we would not be needed for response in Florida but, they wanted to keep us on standby to possibly respond in one of the other affected states.

Late this afternoon we were asked to prepare to respond to Savanah, GA. We thought we would be leaving tomorrow (Sunday); however, we were asked to delay leaving until Monday to allow them more time to determine a location for the response.

We have been asked to oversee the operation in Savanah much like what was done in Rainelle when it started. This means we will be setting up an Incident Command, Large Scale Feeding unit, Assessors, Shower and Laundry Units, Chaplains and Recovery Units.

We do not know how long this response will last. We will begin further planning as soon as we can get on site to have a chance to evaluate the needs.

What this means is that we will be looking for replacement crews in all these areas. We may also be looking for more recovery crews (probably a combination of Mud-out and Chainsaw). If you or your units can help fill some of these upcoming needs, PLEASE contact Elizabeth at the office and let her know of your availability, they type of unit or workers, and dates you could possibly respond.

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