Louisiana Update: Urgent Request


Photo: Baptist Press

Just a short update on what is going on with things in Louisiana.  They are still in the process of beginning to assess the need for teams and finding locations to set up.  According to reports today, some 10,000 people are displaced from their homes in shelters, 40,000+ homes have been affected, 11 dead and over 20,000 have been evacuated or rescued in some form.

We have a request to see how many SHOWER UNITS we have available.  The following information is requested from the DOC at NAMB… We have received an URGENT request for LA Flood response for shower units to be staged at the following locations – for public use.  Please advise by return email if you can provide a unit – or multiple units; staff the unit – and how long it will realistically that for your unit to deploy and arrive.  Please advise the size of the unit (# of stalls) and set up requirements.

If you have a shower unit and can deploy, please email Wes Jones with the above information as soon as you can.

These units are needed for showers for the public and not necessarily to support DR units at this point in time.

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