Top 10 Reasons to Be Trained

top_ten_chalkboardReproduced with permission from Kentucky Baptist Convention.

1. Training prepares us in our understanding of disasters and the needs that arise in times of disaster.

2. Training enables us to respond in appropriate and effective ways in times of disaster.

3. Training prepares us to understand our role as part of a disaster team.

4. Training enables us to sharpen our abilities to be most effective as we serve, in order to be an asset, not a hindrance, in the response.

5. Training helps us to understand hazards and safety concerns in disaster areas.

6. Training prepares us to understand in a deeper way some of the trauma of disaster victims that we might be able to offer appropriate compassion.

7. Training prepares the heart for ministry by increasing awareness of the need and different opportunities to minister.

8. Training prepares the hands to be ready to serve effectively.

9. Training prepares the head by giving knowledge to increase effectiveness.

10. But the greatest reason to train is that God deserves our very best in all that we do and to achieve the best requires discipline, effort, and knowledge. Trainings are an opportunity to grow as Believers so that when God calls we are ready.

See Disaster Relief Training Opportunities.

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