Harvey / Irma / Maria Update

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOM’s,

First immediate needs….

  1. Incident Management people to assist in the Texas Baptist Men Command units. They are specifically looking for people with Operations ability. This means taking in work orders, making sure work orders are assessed, assigning work orders, receiving back work orders that are finished or unfinished, organizing unfilled work orders by area so teams working do not have to travel so far and making sure top priority jobs are being done in a timely manner.
  2. Laundry and Shower workers are needed in Texas as soon as possible. Teams of 2 to three are needed to man other team’s units. This will allow their folks to have a break. This will be coordinated through the SBCT convention DR.
  3. We still have needs for Chainsaw and Flood Recovery teams in Texas. Contact us here at the office and we will get you scheduled.
  4. In Texas, they are also starting to schedule Rebuild Teams. If you have a team, church or Association that would like to look at scheduling a team to participate in this, contact us here at the office and we will get you in touch with the folks in Texas.

If you or some of your folks want to respond to these needs, please let me know as soon as possible. Please email both me and Elizabeth.

TEAM LEADERS – Please make sure you are passing this information on to the volunteers you oversee. Even if you cannot take a “team”, they may want the opportunity to respond, even if it means going with another team.

HARVEY – We continue to have teams responding to needs from Beaumont, TX down to the Victoria, TX area. We have at least 2 teams scheduled to go next week to continue the work. The needs in Texas are listed in the list above. Please continue to encourage your folks to go and assist as they are able.

IRMA – We have had a Chainsaw unit in FL last week and we have a small group assisting with cooking in Lake Yale, FL. The chainsaw w/bucket truck team will be heading back home today and the cooking group at the end of the week. Due to teams coming in from other states, we will not be sending in any other teams in the near term.

MARIA – Remember how I said in the last update how things can change rapidly in DR life? The Maria response is no exception. Things continue to change moment by moment. Let me see if I can bring you up to date with the latest changes.

Puerto Rico – The response to Puerto Rico with the feeding units is OFF for the moment. The Governor of PR has decided against bringing in feeding kitchens and wants to handle things locally. We are praying that he will change his mind and allow us to bring people and units in. Please remember that in a disaster it is not the Federal Government that controls what happens on the field, it is the responsibility of the local governor to set the direction for his/her area. FEMA is still advocating for us to help but, their hands are tied. We are trying to contact local pastors to get them into a group that is forming on the island to speak into the need on the island and the resources we could assist with. Pray for these connections, listening ears and open hearts.

Meanwhile, they are trying to get feeding units to St. Croix. They are trying to get NC and KY units into this island. The logistics are difficult right now and they are trying to get it worked through.


  1. Pray for the safety and strength of the volunteers who are responding.
  2. Pray for more volunteers to go and continue the work.
  3. Pray specifically for the situation on the islands in the Caribbean that God would open doors to allow goods and services to get to the people who need assistance.
  4. Pray for wisdom on the part of all leaders involved in the discussions on how best to respond and meet the need of many hurting people.
  5. Pray most of all that God would be Glorified and that through this tragedy and many will come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

In Christ Serving Together,
Wes Jones

Harvey, Irma & Maria Update

What a difference a few days can make. Life changes fast in the DR world and that is why we ask you to be fluid.

Harvey — We will be closing down our operation in Sugar Land, TX tomorrow. Our units will be heading back to TN. WE STILL NEED CHAINSAW AND FLOOD RECOVERY UNITS willing to go to TX and serve. There is still a lot of work to do and will be for some time. It is estimated that some 300,000 homes were affected by the storm. They are still discovering many smaller communities that have not received much help yet. IF YOU HAVE A TEAM(s) AND WANT TO SCHEDULE IT TO GO, LET ME KNOW YOU DATES OF AVAILABILITY AND WE WILL SCHEDULE THEM THROUGH THE TEXAS DOC. We will continue to help our Texas brothers for as long as we are able. They are always one of the first ones to come help other states. Continue reading

Harvey & Irma 9/17 Updates

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs,

Harvey – Our teams continue to transition in and out of Texas. Our feeding unit, Flood Recovery, Chaplains, Chainsaw, Incident Command, Shower and Laundry continue to serve in the Sugar Land and other areas around Texas. We have many Flood Recovery teams in the area this week. Please pray for their safety, quick efficient work and many opportunities to share about Christ. After this week, we will be assessing the work in the area and making some adjustments going forward. Please watch for the latest updates.

Irma – The work in Florida is getting up and going. We have our first team heading out on Tuesday morning. It is a Flood Recovery team. Pray for their safety and opportunities to share Christ. We also have an immediate need for a feeding team of 5 Credentialed Mass Feeding volunteers to go to Florida also on Tuesday. This group of 5 will be assisting the Louisiana Feeding team in the Fort Myers area. If you can help provide for this need, let me know ASAP.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support through the sending of your volunteers to serve.

In Christ Serving Together,

Hurricane Harvey & Irma Update

Our Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief Volunteers continue to serve in the Houston area in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Please pray for the volunteers and the first groups come out and the next set of groups are heading down. Pray for their safety and quick arrival.

Reports that are coming from out of Texas are that our volunteers are doing a great job. On the other hand, our volunteers are singing the praises of the Texans who are hosting our volunteers as well the residents themselves. The community in that area is working hard with neighbor helping neighbor to clean out the damaged homes. We are grateful for cooperation we see on all sides. Continue reading

Moving Forward – Harvey and Irma

Let me bring you up-to-date and share where we are, going forward.

Image: NOAA.gov

We have Incident Command, Feeding, Laundry, Shower, Chaplain and Flood Recovery units in place and working in Sugarland, TX. We also have units working with Union Baptist Association in Houston. There are three other units that have one on one relationships with churches in the impacted area that they will work with. We are scheduled for the next two weeks with other teams looking to respond later. Continue reading

DR Teams Head for Texas

Team Leaders, Secretaries and DOMs,

Photo: U.S. Army National Guard

Yesterday, the feeding unit and shower unit left for TX. It was an eventful start to say the least. One vehicle was involved in and accident en route. We are grateful no one was hurt, it did put a van out of commission. Thankfully they were able to make it to the MMC and were able to use the TBMB DR van to replace the damaged one. Later that afternoon the shower trailer experienced a blowout. Once again God was watching and no one was hurt. I said that God must have some great things planned for them because the devil is working so hard against them. They made it to Little Rock last night and took off for TX this morning. Continue reading

Jones: How You Can Help

Baptist and Reflector

As the updates and images continue to emerge from the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey, many Baptists in Tennessee are looking for ways to help aid the relief effort.

Wes Jones, disaster relief specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, wrote a letter to Tennessee Baptist Churches that outlines ways in which churches can get involved. The letter, which can be viewed below, was sent to pastors and church secretaries across the state. Continue reading

Tennessee DR Teams Assigned to Sugarland

Story updated at 3:40 p.m., Sept. 1

By Baptist and Reflector

MOUNT JULIET — The initial Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief teams responding to the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey will be assigned to North Houston, Texas, according to the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board’s Disaster Relief Specialist Wes Jones.

The Baptist and Reflector previously reported that the DR teams were headed to Sugarland and Dallas. But variables in Texas created the need for the Tennessee DR teams to be sent to North Houston instead.

Disaster relief teams have been on standby waiting for damage assessment to be completed so that Baptist state DR teams responding to the disaster can be strategically assigned. Through Wednesday, Texas officials said that the focus had been on search and rescue, and placing survivors in shelters. They were asking relief units from other states, including the Tennessee Baptist DR teams, to remain in place. However, crews have now been cleared to head southwest next week. Continue reading

Hurricane Harvey Response (video)

Hurricane Harvey is shaping up to potentially be the greatest natural disaster in our history. Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief teams are staged and ready, but they need your financial support to sustain what will be a prolonged effort. TBMB Executive Director Randy C. Davis offers a timely perspective on what Tennessee Baptists are doing and will do, and how you can help.

Tennessee DR Teams on Alert for Hurricane

Baptist and Reflector

Photo: Texas National Guard

MOUNT JULIET — Tennessee Baptist Disaster Relief is monitoring Hurricane Harvey closely.

As of Monday, Aug. 28, the Tennessee Baptist DR feeding unit was still on alert status while response/recovery units are on standby, said Wes Jones, disaster relief specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board.

Alert status means there’s a good likelihood the feeding unit will be called out quickly while it’s more of a “wait and see” scenario for the response/recovery units, Jones said. Continue reading